Revision history for Perl extension Eidetic.

2004-01-09 kees

  • bugfixing missing "new" template recognition

2004-01-08 kees

  • fixing up packaging to work with perl 5.6.0

2004-01-06 kees

  • releasing 2.1.5 as stable 2.2.0

2003-12-29 14:38 bryce

  • lib/ Adding code to link new documents to their parent folder
  • lib/ Adding document link routine so that documents get placed into the appropriate folder on submission.

2003-12-29 13:21 bryce

Eidetic 2.1.5 Development Release
  • lib/, lib/Eidetic/, Eidetic.spec, META.yml:
    • Updating from 2.1.4 to 2.1.5
  • Changes, lib/ Fixing some minor bugs in interface generation. blank.gif was being included as
    images/images/blank.gif, so removed the redundant 'imagess/'. Changed a few HTML bits to be xhtml (lowercasing). Plus a few stylistic changes.

2003-12-24 18:29 bryce

  • Makefile.PL, lib/ Working on getting move-folder and move-document to behave correctly, putting in better user feedback, simplifying screens, etc. etc.

2003-12-23 10:40 bryce

  • lib/ Reactivating remove function

2003-11-07 13:38 bryce

  • doc/PLAN, lib/ Making paths to various things a bit more correct, and fixing some bugs in the make_tree code.


  • repackaging for redhat7.1 compatibility
  • test for existance of Template for testing


  • updating website building


  • removed "framed" template support


  • packaging cleanups
  • correcting the Config::Simple error reporting
  • typos


  • merging in docsys changes
  • added "getDatabase"


  • updating Documentation
  • moved Queries outside of and into client code.
  • created "registerQuery" method
  • cleaning up trace function slightly
  • disabled "do_remove" function temporarily


  • replaced sendto_email code with calls to Mail::Sender
  • added sendto_email template file handling in notifyStaff
  • added back a few old-style replacements for error msgs
  • adding next cmd/query/notice to some functions missing it
  • adding simple function tracing method
  • fixing calls to updateRecord to handle new table hash
  • adding "globalHtmlRoot" configuration


  • added init and config tests
  • fixing bugs found during testing
  • started on utility tests
  • started on command tests
  • created template tests

1.921000 (2003-06-26)

  • new package, care of h2xs (kees)
  • splitting away from docsys (kees)
  • need to add the following to eidetic config files now: (kees)
    • proj_update_email
  • need to add the following to eidetic config files now: (kees)
    • max_folder_depth
  • hashed all the function calls (kees)
  • created real OO methods for (kees)
  • moved globals into object data structures (kees)

2002-05-06 (Eidetic Release 1.9.0)

  • Added routine getFieldText
  • Fixed code that returns insertid
  • Altered search to look for substrings instead of whole strings
  • Added searching on (x)_uid_(y) type fields
  • Added better file upload capability
  • Fixed code to put notice messages into templates
  • Added logic for document management system
  • Added subs prepare_archive, receive_archive, process_archive, clean_archive.
  • Fixed error causing paging to break after a POST
  • Added subquery capability
  • Made cleanFilename much more restrictive


  • Various bug fixes, feature additions, etc.


  • Updated TODO, moved stuff into DESIGN.intent


  • Establish & update ChangeLog and TODO files
  • Integrated calendar routines by Jakub
  • Reworking of how modules and commands are dispatched to reduce the amount of hard coding required
  • Removal of a bunch of old code
  • Reorganization of some recently added code
  • Added some new junction table stuff (rest coming next week)
  • More I've probably missed


  • Preliminary ticket system
  • Develop general purpose authorization system
  • Set up password change capability
  • Divide code into external CGI plus separate db accessor
  • Split user/admin capabilities
  • Straighten out function naming convention
  • Refactor code and standardize routine API's and names
  • Get the schemas, types, and defaults to load out of mysql
  • Generalize store/display/edit functionality


  • Changed error message when specifying non-registered modulename
  • Split code out of eidetic.cgi into perl module and .cgi, each cgi a separate authz zone. This allows each zone to have a customized set of available modules and commands.
  • Stubbed in authz/permissions system.
  • Fix to Next/Prev paging functionality. Now looks up first and last item # from the database instead of trying to guess.
  • Misc. other polishing & bug fixing
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