Eidetic 2.002

  • (DONE) Split away from docsys (kees)
  • Finish new OO method documentation
  • (DONE) Switch tests to Test::More (kees)
  • split methods into event-based calls or OO design
  • write tests for all methods (kees)
  • "warning: File listed twice: /etc/eidetic/eidetic.conf" when making rpm

Eidetic 2.004

  • Clear out unnecessary templates
  • Create special pages for submitting particular kinds of events - vacation, etc.
  • Input validation/regexps/widgets
  • Administrative roles editor
  • Split out Eidetic.pm into several modules: CommonHandler, Mail, UI, Request, Database, Utility
  • Fix up error messages
  • Fix what happens after deleting items
  • Go through error logs & fix all uncovered problems
  • Integrate use of Mail.pm
  • Set up Eidetic to have -w on during dev but not when deployed
  • Go through and incorporate Eidetic wiki pages into website/todo
  • Check to ensure host/type junction editing works right
  • (DONE) Investigate the righthand link list error
  • Fix the righthand link list error
  • Eidetic website setup (homepage, link to freshmeat, ChangeLog, README, etc. downloads, screenshots, demo)
  • Remove Eidetic page from osdl.org & replace with new one
  • When editing, if a reedit is required, it sometimes errors
  • Change "Details..." to "(i)" (or graphic) for dropdowns
  • Sub out all of the framed table includes
  • Figure out why adding article doesn't show article type dropdown on extranet
  • Find out why docsys doc didn't create good icon (reuploads?)
  • Better approach to data{Language} issue
  • (DONE) Figure out how to fix build problem with cgl stuff
  • Scan through apache warnings & fix all of them
  • Figure out approach for doing photo albums (doc sys?)
  • Set up page listing documents in a sorted order ala NetFlix
  • Design an 'archive' object with filename, path, etc.
  • Make standard "Get Info" graphic for intranet pages
  • Make subqueries only show up if there are some items
  • Allow subqueries to have titles for putting at top of the box
  • (DONE) Get Eidetic added to Freshmeat and other such places

Eidetic 2.006

  • (DONE) Create list of tasks to do for getting Eidetic distrib ready
  • (DONE) Set up Eidetic with a Makefile.pl and proper release & build system
  • (DONE) Divide Eidetic.pm into separate perl modules
  • (DONE) Create distribution packager
  • (DONE) Create a feature request / prioritization list
  • Generate screenshots
  • Flesh out code documentation


  • When a template has syntax error in it, Eidetic doesn't display anything
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