Eidetic is a middleware library for building database driven applications with Perl. It provides handlers for displaying, editing, searching, and administrating data in various ways. It is intended to be interface-generic, including web, commandline, daemon, and other types of interfacing to be used. It is currently used by several applications, including STP, docsys, and rackview.

Eidetic is an Internet database editor, tabularizer, indexer, and crossreferencer. Its objective is to provide a feature-rich website environment, in a simple to set up package. Its core functionality is table management, but also ties in with Template Toolkit for general content management capabilities. Eidetic can also render to a number of different formats, with a number of different styles, including XML, text, SQL, etc., but its primary objective is HTML.

Configuring a new database table can be as simple as writing the SQL and registering the commands to operate on that table in the eidetic.cgi file.

Eidetic is still under heavy development. Much of the documentation is lacking.

Eidetic is (C) 1998-2004 by:

  • Bryce Harrington < bryce @t osdl d0t org >
  • Kees Cook < kees @t osdl d0t org >

Eidetic is licensed to you under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License.

If you don't have a copy of the GPL, one is included in this distribution.

See INSTALL for installation directions.

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